• I'm an equal opportunity employer. Would i hire a pitbull? Yes. A cat? Sure. A Chihuahua? Get serious.
  • Our new intern has already mastered naptime. Definitely management material.
  • When the stress of this job gets to me, I self-medicate.
  • If they wanted someone to put out fires, they should have hired a Dalmatian.
  • I swear, new people appear every time it opens.
  • Scheduling meetings is like 'herding cats'? When can we start?
  • HR says we can't refer to our new intern as 'cute'. Really?
  • I hate conference calls. People never understand a word I say.
  • Close the door. I'm having a Don Draper moment.
  • Don't overstaff. You never want a client to say: Do I really need two dogs on my account?
  • If you mess up, own it. If you ate the RFP, say: 'I ate the RFP... And it was delicious.'
  • Decision time. Whose lunch should I eat today?
  • A co-worker justtold us Wednesday is 'hump day.' Isn't that every day?
  • Someone said, 'Stop barking orders at me.' I was like, 'How else am I supposed to give you orders?'
  • In meetings, just goright up and put your face in a client's lap. It's a real ice breaker.
  • One day, I'll get tired of sharing my title with him. I'm not saying I'll get him fired or anything. Sold, maybe.
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