Our top people
have their sleeves rolled up.

Except, perhaps, during winter.

Kyle MacDonnell


Kyle has applied her unique ability to walk in someone else’s shoes to some of the most compelling digital solutions in the financial, healthcare and business services industries.

Over the years, she’s been a trusted advisor to a veritable Who’s Who of industry heavyweights, identifying key customer insights, simplifying the complex verbally and visually, and bringing a UX-centric approach to major initiatives.

Among many accomplishments, Kyle is particularly proud of her agency’s success in launching the state health insurance exchange, creating a model so effective it’s now taught at Harvard Business School.

Ron Carroll

Executive Vice President

Ron is a senior strategist with expertise in market positioning, integrated communications planning and digital content ecosystems. He brings a breadth of experience across technology, financial services and B2B markets, having guided elite brands such as IBM, AT&T, Accenture, Xerox and Motorola through critical brand transformations.

Ron led the global WPP cross-agency team for Dell’s Corporate Branding and Enterprise Solutions assignments, based at Y&R. He also brings an international perspective to the table from his days in Paris as IBM account director and his work in emerging economies like China, Russia and Brazil.

Danielle Avedon

Danielle Avedon

Executive Vice President

Danielle is a strategic, digital-first, global brand builder. As Account Director, she brings extensive client and agency experience to the table, including expertise in brand positioning, consumer insights, innovation strategy and digital transformation. In addition, she is highly skilled at leading large cross-functional teams and global networks.

Most recently, Danielle spent seven years at Grey NY as Global Account Director on Procter & Gamble, overseeing businesses with over $1 billion in revenue. Among her many marketing successes, she created a new global brand platform that brought Pantene back into the cultural zeitgeist and led the relaunch of Nikon’s COOLPIX line.

Lisa Mezoff

Creative Director

What Lisa loves most about this business is the opportunity to create something new and great every day. Fusing strategy with creative, she turns customer insights into compelling and unexpected work that never fails to answer our clients’ challenges. Whether it’s brand and campaign development, large-scale site design, videos, online advertising or social media, Lisa guides our creative teams to do their best work, putting her unmistakable stamp on every project.

Lisa spent 15 years at Digitas, where she developed award-winning interactive marketing programs and online experiences for clients such as AT&T, Citibank, Delta Airlines and IBM.

Steve Morenberg

Copy Director

No one has to live up to our mantra to “simplify the complex” more than Steve. No matter how complex the topic – and remember, we’re talking technology, insurance and financial services – Steve somehow makes it easy to understand and actionable, while staying true to the brand voice.

An award-winning copywriter and creative team leader, Steve has guided the development of many high-impact, results-driven campaigns for us. Equally versed in B2B and B2C, he’s spent over 20 years in the business creating digital, brand and direct marketing for clients such as IBM, Dell, Chase and Frank’s RedHot.

Peter Björknäs

Interactive Director

Peter’s development expertise, elegant design sense and user experience know-how – a rare combination – enable him to create and execute interactive experiences that continually raise the bar for usability.

Exercising both his creative and technical skill sets, Peter reaches across the full stack of technology to combine stylish front-end appearance with complex server-side architecture. He guides our teams in creating responsive design solutions, developing motion graphics, and editing videos, ensuring every project meets our clients’ technical requirements. To help clients make smart data-driven decisions, Peter is also heavily involved in actionable analytics.

Justin McDonald

Senior Project Director

Justin is a dynamic, client-facing project director who’s done it all – traditional, digital, CRM, branding, experiential, even augmented reality.

With every new challenge, Justin is there to figure out the roadblocks and quickly find solutions. A self-described workaholic, he goes all in for our clients each day, providing strong leadership on multi-dimensional projects and continually improving processes.

Over the years, Justin has worked on Fortune 500 accounts such as Freddie Mac and Loews Hotels, and is experienced in heavily regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance.

Kelly L’Heureux

User Experience Director

Kelly was architecting interfaces straight out of college, before most people even knew that was a job. In the digital age, she says, it’s “survival of the simplest” – a philosophy we’ve long held. Whether she’s working on web, mobile or social media integration, Kelly keeps it simple, getting users to the content they want in the most intuitive way and creating positive interactions with brands.

Since first honing her skills with Delta Airlines, Kelly has had strategic information architecture and user experience design roles with Travelers, The Hartford and others.

Joe Crupi

Associate Creative Director

Joe specializes in creating memorable experiences for our clients’ customers, from multi-channel campaigns to interactive tools. For Joe, the creative process is about developing immersive, easy-to-digest content that gets people to take action. He’s done just that time and time again, on everything from interactive sales presentations to websites to digital ads. Joe also develops and directs engaging product launch videos that create an instant connection with prospects.

Before joining us, Joe achieved impressive results for top brands like Unilever, and created highly impactful work for Finlandia Vodka, Klondike and other consumer brands.

Henri and Theo

Chief Canine Officers (CCOs)

Agency dog. It’s a highly underrated and hugely important position.

The agency dog must over-enthusiastically greet guests, provide comic relief and lead by example, projecting a calm, cool attitude that emphasizes the importance of long naps on the office couch to clear the mind.

Because our longtime Chief Canine Officer Henri has carried out these responsibilities so flawlessly over the years, we’ve given him a new assignment. He is now taking our CCO-in-training Theo under his wing – or, rather, paw – and turning him into a world-class agency dog in his own right.

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