Healthfirst – Make Medicare simple? Challenge accepted.


Make Medicare simple? Challenge accepted.

For some, age 65 conjures up images of a happy retirement. For others, it’s the dread of having to figure out Medicare.

As our research revealed, most people are overwhelmed by Medicare, confused by its alphabetical gobbledygook, and regretful they didn’t look into it sooner. As our competitive analysis showed, there are few (if any) resources that make Medicare truly simple. Undeterred, we took on the challenge.

Reevaluating the customer journey

To help members transition from its health plans to its Medicare Advantage plans, Healthfirst sought to identify and remove potential barriers.

Reducing complexity was a major focus, as was engaging members (and prospects) earlier in the decision process. But perhaps most important was finding a way to gently guide people down a personalized enrollment path with real stickiness.

A new kind of Medicare engagement

Our interactive, educational content hub was the focal point for engaging users. Among the features differentiating the experience from other sites:

  • Simple, high-level storytelling
  • A warm, approachable vibe
  • Alternate learning paths
  • A downloadable version of the entire site

A key point in the process

Strategically, we really focused on the customer journey, especially determining eligibility. Developing a Medicare QuickStart tool, we offered people a super-simple way to see if they qualify, with options to trigger follow-up communications.

Once these Medicare newbies were engaged, our site provided mechanisms to capture leads, funnel prospects to a Shop site, and engage the call center for conversion.

Gaining user attention – and trust

By applying the site’s distinctive look-and-feel to an activation campaign, we were able to give prospects and members a cohesive experience from initial awareness through engagement with the site.

Because our aim was impartial education first, the new site has become a trusted resource for those aging in to Medicare, and positioned Healthfirst as a friendly advisor who’s on your side.

What we did

Qualitative Research  /  Competitive Analysis  /  Phased Market Approach  /  Lead Nurture and Capture  /  Integration with Shop Site  /  Call Center Funnel  /  Information Architecture  /  QuickStart Eligibility Tool  /  Website Development  /  Videos  /  Brochures  /  Direct Mail Campaign  /  Display Ads  /  Paid Search