Access Health CT – A 360° effort brings Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace to life

Access Health CT

A 360° effort brings Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace to life

As Agency of Record for the historic rollout of “Obamacare” in Connecticut, we knew no template existed for the challenges we faced.

So we developed and executed an entire go-to-market strategy encompassing awareness, education, engagement and enrollment, going well beyond an agency’s traditional role.

Some keys to our success

  • Feet on the street. We mobilized a salaried outreach team fashioned after political campaign canvassing, with sales goals, procedures and marketing support.
  • Face-to-face interaction. Our Apple Store-inspired Enrollment Centers had a 45% higher conversion rate than other channels, plus great PR value – only Connecticut had them.
  • A professional’s touch. More than 30% of enrollments came through brokers. By doing the prospecting, educating and qualifying – and bringing leads right to them at our centers and fairs – we freed brokers up to close.

A seamless customer journey

Throughout, our campaign put users first, emphasizing ease, education and frequent contact.

  • A simple, inviting brand identity and platform (“Change is here”) overcame consumer skepticism
  • Powerful, response-focused advertising raised awareness dramatically in just months
  • An educational website achieved average engagement time of nearly three minutes
  • Social media and a nurture email campaign kept leads warm and engaged

TV, online and OOH ads resonated
by focusing on real people’s challenges

Our site’s online tools engaged prospects
and guided decision making

DM, email, text and social
helped build relationships with prospects

An overwhelming response

At the end of the first enrollment period, the state had enrolled 208,000 people in its health insurance exchange – more than double its goal.

The launch was so successful that a case study featuring our integrated marketing strategy and execution is now taught as part of the curriculum at Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Public Health.


208,000 enrolled

more than double the state’s goal

630,000 visitors

to the educational site

132% increase

in awareness

15 awards

including DMA Echo, Telly and Insurance Marketing & Communications Association

What we did

Strategy and brand: Buyer Personas and Customer Journeys  /  Brand Platform and Testing  /  Communication Plan  /  Brand Identity
Advertising: Print  /  Digital  /  TV and Radio  /  SMS  /  Paid Search
Online: Website  /  Social Media
Out of home: Door Hangers and Palm Cards  /  Billboards and Bus Signage  /  Posters
Outreach events: Festivals, Fairs and Concerts  /  Retail Intercepts
Enrollment and education: Town Hall Meetings  /  Enrollment Centers and Fairs  /  Broker and Partner Programs
Public relations: Media Relations  /  Media Alerts  /  Interviews
Research: Logo/Brand Tests in Mall Intercepts  /  Awareness and Favorability  /  User Experience