Real work for real clients
(just without their real names)

Many of our clients work in highly regulated, compliance-driven businesses, and prefer not to have their identities or details of their marketing revealed. We respect that (we take NDAs very seriously). Fortunately, there are still some great stories we can share:

Creating a new financial brand for the new economy

Despite having billions in assets under management and a global presence in new economy sectors like logistics, this fund management spin-off was essentially starting from scratch – with no brand, no visual identity and no messaging platform.

To help them gain traction against aggressive industry giants, we created a new brand with both financial gravitas and a unique humanity. Then, on a highly accelerated timeline, we launched multi-country, multi-language websites, a wide range of corporate communications, and a brand roadmap for the next steps in their exciting journey.

A company on a (new) mission

After some market and PR challenges, this well-known pharmaceutical company was looking to rebrand itself as a patient-driven company focusing on severe illnesses. Our task? Activate the brand, roll it out in market and bring it to life.

With over 100 pages, our website created a dynamic, emotionally impactful experience, enlivened by the self-discovery journeys of employees and courageous patients. In addition, we established and extended the company’s visual and verbal identity, and facilitated internal outreach to speed transition to the new brand.

Major business association finds its identity

After decades serving the financial industry, this trusted industry association found itself at a crossroads, with overlapping brands/sub-brands and a need for a new vision. Starting with interactive workshops with top executives, we helped them define their ideal future state, then distilled it into a brand architecture.

From there, we embarked on a naming exploration, whittling hundreds down to three that would best reflect their role as a catalyst for industry-wide change. The final piece of the puzzle: a brand identity exploration that captured the essence of the forward-thinking organization they envisioned.

Trust it or bust it

There are many urban myths surrounding Target Date Funds. To get financial advisors to challenge their beliefs, this leading financial services company asked us to create a provocative content platform and interactive experience.

Rolled out at a major trade show, our Trust it or bust it platform made debunking the myths fun, using tactics such as an interactive quiz and videos to gain new consideration for our client.

Minimum viable product (MVP), maximum impact

To launch critical illness and accident insurance products through a new direct-to-consumer channel, this national insurance company wanted to quickly test and learn its way to success using an MVP approach.

We developed buyer personas, a strategic platform and educational website to get them there faster. Extensive testing of our digital ads and content seeding enabled the company to quickly refine its marketing approach.

Global cash management made, well, almost simple

Our video animation series helped establish this Fortune 25 financial firm as the market leader in treasury services. Telling a complex story in minutes, it gave the sales team a fresh way to demonstrate their suite’s key benefits.

In addition, our microsite raised the bar for interactivity, conveyed technical details in a surprisingly simple way, and provided a flexible framework to accommodate a growing lineup of offerings.