Happy holidays 2021

Our gift guide to avoid an “out of stock” holiday

Who needs the supply chain?

Our gift guide to avoid an “out of stock” holiday
Don’t let delivery delays turn you into Scrooge this year. If you can’t get your hands on the gifts your loved ones want, get a little resourceful. We have some “helpful” gift-giving ideas to ensure a happy holiday for one and all.

Perfume. We’re guessing supply is up since no one’s had a date in ages and you can’t smell much with a mask on. Or if you have COVID.
Neckties. These days, it’s hard to get men to wear pants, let alone a tie. So expect plenty on the rack.
Fondue sets. Communal food sharing will make a comeback one of these years. Until then, your pot and skewers await.
Non-designer dog breeds. Everyone snapped up the Goldendoodles in quarantine, so get something no one wants to go near, like the Lab Rat (labrador/rat terrier) or the Afghan Border (Afghan/border collie).
NFTs. Supply chains only affect real products. So buy something that isn’t real, like “ownership” of digital art anyone can download. BTW, we may have a jpeg of the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.
Cruise ship tickets. Send someone you love (or hate) on a floating COVID incubator to remote unvaccinated lands. Hard to believe but not sold out.
Gym memberships. Pandemic pounds? Gym memberships are easier to come by today than fancy in-home exercise equipment. And just as insulting as a gift!
Bowling balls. Sharing shoes and cheese fries…sure. But a bowling ball? Ew. If COVID’s taught us one thing about germs, it’s to arbitrarily draw the line somewhere.
Karaoke singing machines. Expelling one’s lungs toward others isn’t that trendy now, so get one of these. Plus, “I Will Survive” is a great anthem for our times.
Only My Dog Knows I Pick My Nose. Our top pick (no pun intended). In all seriousness, a great kid’s book illustrated by our very own Creative Director, Lisa Mezoff. In stock and available!

Happy holidays from Pappas MacDonnell!


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