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Reluctant to share health data? Gen Z isn’t.


Reluctant to share health data? Gen Z isn’t.

Personal health information has long been a closely guarded secret, between just us and our doctors. But Gen Z is beginning to change that. As digital natives through and through, they see real benefit from sharing their data. Consider this one stat with big implications for healthcare:
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It’s happening right now
As the Oliver Wyman consultancy found, Gen Z is already embracing a more open approach to their data. 66% use digital tools such as wellness apps and fitness trackers. Other generations? A mere 40%. Gen Z is also twice as likely to share health data with insurers, retail clinics and third-party apps.

What’s in it for them? More personalized insights, better healthcare experiences and a more holistic view of their health. That empowers them to actively participate in healthcare decisions and take steps to improve their well-being.

If more people share, fewer will need care
For the healthcare industry, more data sharing could lead to a real shift: from a focus on caring for the sick toward keeping people healthy. With greater access to health info, organizations could deliver the comprehensive, personalized care Gen Z desires, detect conditions earlier and reduce the burden on healthcare systems. On a population level, they could identify health trends earlier and implement prevention strategies sooner.

But first, the industry will need to do some work. Like removing barriers to data sharing, offering more digital tools to record and manage health, and integrating data generated by patients with their official medical records.

As Gen Z goes, so goes healthcare
With Gen Z’s influence in the marketplace growing – they’re 70 million strong in the U.S., second only to millennials2 – our collective comfort with opening up about our health should also grow. And that could open up exciting new opportunities for forward-thinking healthcare organizations.

If you’re wondering how you can begin preparing for this future, we can help. Let’s talk ›

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