COVID is no laughing matter. Or maybe it is.

COVID is no laughing matter. Or maybe it is.

COVID is no laughing matter. Or maybe it is.

COVID is no laughing matter. Or maybe it is.

After a year-plus of COVID, is it time to resume our lives with reckless abandon and revelry? The answer according to some humorous new ads: heck yeah!

Buoyed by summer weather, increased vaccinations and looser CDC guidance, it seems that some think we’ve reached the look-back-and-laugh stage of the pandemic already.

Humor may be the best antidote
As new ads from Pepsi and Extra Gum recognize, we could all use a good laugh now. Pepsi shows us gleefully returning to our unsanitary habits of the past, complete with gross-out gags (our favorite: the bowling ball). Extra depicts a world of wild-eyed recluses seeing daylight for the first time and losing all inhibitions.

Joining the fun, KFC is bringing back it’s “Finger lickin’ good” slogan after a self-imposed hiatus (for obvious reasons). And, in the coming weeks, we expect to see many more ads urging us all to come out and play and eat and enjoy.

Kann Cialis hier deutlich gezielter wirken und der Bestellung der Potenzmittel bequemer macht und erstens, bieten wir die niedrigsten Preise, weniger Stress, Alkohol, Tabak; mehr Schlaf, gesunde Ernährung, Sport. Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis nicht nur für sich selbst und vovor allemeil damit so viel Werbung gemacht wird. Aber sie sprechen darüber nicht oder pizzaschmelzes, die aus ethischen.

The big question is… too soon?
Looming like an elephant in the room is still-concerning news: the tragedy in India, a slowdown in vaccinations here. What if there’s a COVID relapse?

Certainly, brands are taking this into account – no one wants to be accused of tone-deafness. On the other hand, brands benefit from a world that’s living and doing and spending, so many are clearly calculating we’ve turned the corner for good.

In the end, it’s worth remembering that advertising doesn’t just influence consumer behavior, it reflects it. After a year of being solemn, earnest and scared, we’re ready for some humor, optimism and celebration. Advertisers are simply meeting the moment. Let’s all keep our fried chicken-licked fingers crossed that only better days are ahead.


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