Goodbye, Mallomars. See you in the fall.

While saying good riddance to the snow this year, we bid a fond farewell to another seasonal tradition: eating Mallomars. For the uninitiated, these s’mores-like cookies have been a cult favorite for 100+ years, especially in the N.Y. metro area, where 70% are sold.

Originally, Mallomars’ September-March availability was due to shipping refrigeration issues. But today these crunchy, squishy, melty marvels still go into self-imposed exile. Why?

Mallomarketing 101
Mostly, it’s a marketing thing. Mallomars are a nostalgia brand for Nabisco and the company is sticking with tradition. Clearly, judging by the number of Mallomars hoarding stories we’ve heard, the scarcity simply adds to their mystique and appeal.

As we wait for their return, we’ll just have to content ourselves with making s’mores around the campfire when we need a graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate fix (so much more work). Next year, we are definitely stocking up!


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