Technologies that move us

What do the City of Denver, 300 airlines and the Atlanta Braves have in common?

Panasonic technology is helping them all move boldly into the future. Once known for consumer electronics, Panasonic has transformed itself into a B2B technology powerhouse in North America. Pappas MacDonnell was retained to create an exciting new brand narrative and campaign to ensure perceptions of the company quickly catch up to the reality of their business.

A transformational campaign for a transformed company
Our objective was to articulate a vision of Panasonic North America as a provider of integrated B2B solutions that create a better life and a better world. Building on the strategic brand platform we developed – “Technologies that move us” – we’re now bringing this vision to life. And we’re spotlighting Panasonic’s technology solutions with customers across three areas that we identified and created: Connected World, Immersive Entertainment, and Sustainable Energy.

“One thing we heard again and again in our research was, ‘I didn’t know Panasonic did that,’” said Kyle MacDonnell, Principal of Pappas MacDonnell. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help Panasonic North America refresh its brand and really change people’s perceptions.” From a national brand awareness campaign to sales and employee communications, our work will be highlighting some of the many, often surprising ways that Panasonic is helping its business and government customers solve their greatest challenges.

Reflecting Panasonic’s vision, values and culture
“The goal was to create a brand campaign every bit as powerful and moving as the technologies we deliver,” said Lauren Sallata, Vice President, B2B Marketing at Panasonic North America. “This is a new chapter for a storied brand entering its 100-year anniversary.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to the entire Panasonic team. We’re not only moved by your technologies, but by your innovative thinking and collaborative spirit. And we are excited to help you reach the next level of success.

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