Rethinking the “health experience” at HxRefactored

Our favorite quote from the HxRefactored design and technology conference in Brooklyn? “Information is cheap. Understanding is expensive.”

Ain’t that the truth, especially now with healthcare consumers and professionals trying to navigate through an increasingly complex landscape—the Affordable Care Act, electronic medical records, online enrollment and plan management, healthcare wearables and apps. Of course, providing a “health experience” that people will understand and engage in takes effort (and yes, money).

At HX Refactored, the spotlight was on two of our favorite topics: designing for usability and simplifying complex information. So what did we learn?

  • Lots of great ideas to help our clients advocate for innovation within their large organizations
  • New ways to quickly and cost-effectively use personas – a valuable tool we rely on often to help keep creative on track
  • The value of taking a product view rather than a project view when designing complex user experiences, collaborating across disciplines with an iterative view of long-term improvement

One final insight near and dear to our heart: It’s all about the user. While we’ve been beating this drum for long time, it’s good to hear others do the same. Frequent user testing is the best way to ensure that your final product will be effective.

Want to know more? Give us a call – we’d be happy to delve into the details with you.


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